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Octiive serves more marketplace and streaming partners than anyone else. With delivery to Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, Tidal, Beatport, and more, we make it easy to get your music out to fans around the world. Let us handle the hard part, so you can focus on what you do the best! Make music, be heard, and get paid.

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Flexible Distribution Packages

Pay As You Go:


(per song)

No Annual Payment
Keep 92% of Your Royalties
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Pay As You Go:


(per album)

No Annual Payment
Keep 92% of Your Royalties
First Single Free

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Do I really get unlimited uploads for one annual fee?

Sounds too good to be true, right? We’re here to tell you it isn’t! With Octiive, you get UNLIMITED UPLOADS (per artist) through the largest digital distribution network in the world starting at just $27.99 per year.  And if you want to try us out with less commitment, you can get started with a single for only $7.99.

Plus, don’t forget about these additional benefits:

  • No Per Store Fees.
  • No Per Project Fees.
  • Free UPC and ISRC Codes.
  • Customized Mastering.
  • Press Releases.
  • Artist Promotions.

What expenses does Octiive deduct before paying me?

If you’re an annual member of the Octiive community, then you keep 100% of your sales activity OR if you prefer to pay as you go (one project at a time), you keep 92% of your royalties (without any annual fees). Of course, you ALWAYS keep 100% of your rights.

How long until my music is available online for purchase?

During the upload process, you are allowed to set an exact release date (as long as it’s at least 30 days out) and your music will be in all major online retailer sites on your exact release date. That said, we do offer an expedite service (with a fee of $25) and we rush your music off to all retailers with an “URGENT” notification to get your music up as soon as possible. Expedited projects begin appearing on retailer sites in as little as 24 hours but always within 10 to 12 days maximum.

What happens if I want to take my music down?

We rarely have artists stopping distribution or wanting to take their music down. However, if you request to have it removed, we will immediately remove it at no cost. We have hundreds of retailers world-wide so this may take some time. We ask for 60 days to complete the request although in most cases it does not take that long.

I am handling multiple artists and releases. Can I use your service as a label?

You can select the label package ($99.99 for up to 20 different artists and unlimited amount of music you can upload for those artists) and add a label registration service. Everything thereafter will always be under your label with all reports and royalties going to you to disburse based on your internal agreements with your own artists.

What are the advantages of Octiive compared to Tunecore, CDBaby, etc?

Huge – we get into more stores, and more regions while you pay a fraction of the price. For example, you can upload AS MUCH music as you want with us starting at $27.99

Tunecore charges around $50 ‘per’ album. So if you distribute 10 albums, it’ll cost you $27.99 with us. It’ll cost you $500 with Tunecore. For more information on how we compare, visit this page.

Enhance Your Creative Process with Major Label Grade Analytics

Octiive’s best in class analytics give you the ability to listen to your audience– know what they like and what they don’t.

There is no minimum threshold for royalties– get paid whenever you want. Stay up-to-date with your royalty earnings and projected sales across our network with detailed royalty reports and analytics delivered straight to your personal dashboard.

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