Music Distribution

Every great artist needs a great team behind them. Our core foundation is made up of music industry veterans. Staying current and competitive is a cornerstone of our service. Octiive music distribution combines passion with years of experience to bring you the largest digital music distribution channel in the world!


Your Music Worldwide

We make it easy to sell your music on hundreds of online retailers, mobile partners and streaming companies in 140+ countries! Start by claiming your FREE account and explore all the features of our service. And with our flexible packages, you can begin distributing your music today for as little as $9!

Hear the Difference

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Simple & Upfront Pricing

  • No Per Store Fees
  • No Per Country or Region Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No UPC or ISRC Code Fees

On Top of the Game

Octiive is the only independent music distributor that provides indie labels and artists with ‘Major Label’ resources.  This business can change in the blink of an eye, so it’s never been more important to know when trends begin to shift.

Because of the high-level relationships we’ve established, we can offer the most advanced music distribution and tools available.  Our network is shared by some of the biggest names in music, which gives our artists the advantage of staying at the cutting edge of the industry.

100% of Rights

Believe it or not, there are some services out there who will claim to put the artist first without including rights in the equation.  We don’t like to leave any doubt with something this important, so let us clarify where we stand on the issue.

You created it, you wrote it and you recorded it. No one outside of that process should be taking the credit or reward.  Octiive is a team full of musicians, who will always fight to ensure you keep what is rightfully yours.

Why Choose Octiive

Make More Money

Simple up front pricing– without hidden fees or annual renewal costs.

Get More Reach

Sell your music online via 600+ stores and get press coverage.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of various plans & bundles for a suite of services.

No Hidden Costs

No cancellation, per region or per store fees included.

Free Codes

UPC and ISRC codes included with every release.


Features on curated playlists to expand your audience.


Pre-release and promotional tools available for stores.

Chart Registration

Chart eligible and registered releases for mass exposure.