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YouTube consistently ranks among the best music streaming options, with many reviewers placing it at the very top. USA Today notes that “The world’s largest and most popular video site also happens to have the best selection of music, hands down.” That makes YouTube music distribution very important to today’s music artists.

Back in 2017, Forbes called YouTube “the most popular site for on-demand music streaming.” A year later, the same business magazine rolled out its “Top 10 Streaming Music Services by Number of Users” and again found that “YouTube is far and away the most popular option in the world when it comes to streaming music.”

YouTube boasts over 1.5 billion users, with a staggering 82% of them using it to stream music. 47% of all on-demand music streaming happens on YouTube, even more than the year before.  Nobody is catching up to those numbers anytime soon, and you can have your slice of that pie.  But hold on, because the pie’s about to get even bigger.

YouTube Music– The New Wave in Streaming

Late in 2018, Google introduced YouTube Music as a mobile app and a desktop web player. It merges the music offerings of both YouTube and Google Play Music and is set to compete with Spotify even more with YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Music offers songs, albums, thousands of playlists, and artist radio stations, not to mention the huge catalog of remixes, live performances, covers, and music videos. The difference is that the new YouTube Music organizes and personalizes your music experience like never before.

Subscribers to YouTube Music Premium will be able to stream music in the background and download music for offline listening. They’ll also get a subscription to Google Play Music, too, so whatever comes with Google Play Music comes also with YouTube Music Premium, and vice versa.

Make Money with Songs & Videos on YouTube

Upload music to YouTube, and everyone who Googles you finds you. Upload video to YouTube, and everyone who Googles you sees you. Without YouTube Music distribution, it’s a little iffy.

But how much money can be made? More than ever before. With the signing of the Music Modernization Act late 2018, YouTube Music can help artists make money now more than ever. The CEO of the American Association of Independent Music told CNBC, “In terms of being paid, especially considering independent artists tend to be songwriters as well, it will definitely have a positive impact on them.”

With Octiive, you keep 100% of your royalties, 100% of the time.  Let us help you get your music and your music videos to those 1.5 billion people listening and watching music on YouTube now.

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