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Beatport is Calling All DJ's & EDM Artists

Beatport crowned itself the undisputed king of DJ and EDM sales when it shrugged off other genres to concentrate on music by DJs only. It did this way back in 2004, and never looked back. If your primary instrument is a set of turntables or a Digital Audio Workstation, Beatport has your back.

Today, you can sell your music on Beatport if your tracks belong to electronic categories such as house, trance, nu disco, downtempo, drum and bass, and more. You can also get your songs on Beatport if you’re into dub, funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, or dancehall.

How many fans, exactly? So many fans, in fact, that while music download sales almost went extinct in 2018, Beatport managed to actually grow their download sales by 8% for the second year running. And 96% of those sales are by independent artists, too. With your tracks on Beatport, you can be part of that.  But does that mean downloads are all Beatport does? No way.

For DJ's & EDM Music, The Future Belongs to Beatport

In 2017, Beatport’s sales nearly doubled. And after yet another great year in 2018, they mapped out some pretty exciting changes, changes which will benefit both music fans and music artists such as yourself.

Their new Beatport Cloud service will come in three tiers, Beatport Cloud +, Beatport Cloud X, and Beatport Cloud Pro. These come with a variety of features, including: unlimited re-downloads (get any track you’ve already purchased again), “needle-drop” previews (skip around any track with a virtual record needle before buying), free lossless and MP3 songs (10 or 20 free tracks every month!), and discounted store prices for subscribers.

After selling nothing but downloads for years, Beatport surprised users by buying Pulselocker in November 2017. Now they’re gearing up to offer new subscription and music streaming services for 2019 and beyond. Based on Pulselocker technology, Beatport Link will act as streaming integration for DJ software.  That means DJs everywhere will be able to build their own playlists on-the-go using their own online music libraries. That’s a game changer.

Beatport is Helping Today's Indie DJ's & Labels

Even with the addition of Beatport Cloud and Beatport Link, Beatport still felt they could do more. That’s why, right in the middle of 2018, Beatport decided to introduce something to help independent music artists: Beatport Hype Charts.

“With such a high volume of quality music on the platform,” says Beatport, “smaller labels have traditionally competed with big-name counterparts who have been established for years. The Hype Charts will now give thousands of labels greater visibility and recognition of their music. Each genre page will also prominently feature the latest ‘Hype Picks’ in that genre, selected weekly by Beatport’s curation team. Additionally, one banner and two new release tiles in each genre will be reserved for labels from the Hype Charts.”

The long and short of it is, if you’re a DJ or EDM composer in the 21st century, it’s hard to think of reasons your tracks shouldn’t be selling on Beatport.

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