Music Promotion & Marketing

Making music and releasing it to the world is just a couple pieces of the battle plan. Spreading the word to attract new listeners is a whole different effort. We have the tools you need to reach a larger audience.


The Power of Promotion

Musicians are faced with countless ways of creating buzz and generating global exposure. Thankfully, now you don’t have to be signed to traditional record deals to benefit from prominent resources. Octiive is the only global distribution company that offers custom press releases for only $99.99 and custom artist bios for only $49.99 to help independent artists reach out to the world. Anyone can “boost a post” or buy ads on blogs, but REAL music fans want the REAL artist’s story. That’s why professional musicians have press releases written by industry experts. Join our team and see how our solutions can benefit your career!

Hear the Difference

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Custom Press Releases

We Learn.

Our team will reach out to you for info about your upcoming release (influences, inspirations, upcoming events etc.). Our writer will collaborate with you to make sure your image is exactly right.

We Listen.

Our world-class editors actually take the time to listen to your music (go figure!).   Fully understanding your message is their top priority.

We Write.

Our marketing team will create a custom press release about your latest news. You’ll receive a draft copy prior to publication, followed by a final draft you can submit to anyone, anywhere in the world, for as long as you want!

We Promote.

We publish your news to our network of music publications.  You’ll get a report with links to every spot that your press release went live.  Share the news on your social media sites to generate an even bigger buzz.  It’s a great way to let the world hear the story behind your music!

Your Artist Story

We Discover.

Our marketing team will reach out to learn how your career started. Influences, up-bringing, challenges, successes, if your life is an open book, we want the whole story!

We Craft.

By highlighting your major milestones and creating rhetoric around your artistry, our team can show off your skills to the world! Everyone loves to champion those they can identify with, and there’s no better way than by sharing your experiences.

We Write.

Your staff writer will then author a professional artist biography specifically tailored to meet industry competitive standards. You can submit with confidence to databases like Rovi, and AllMusic.

We Celebrate.

After the biography meets the satisfaction of the artist, we deliver the material for personal use. You did it! Go tell the world your story!

Why Choose Octiive

Make More Money

Simple up front pricing– without hidden fees or annual renewal costs.

Get More Reach

Sell your music online via 600+ stores and get press coverage.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of various plans & bundles for a suite of services.

No Hidden Costs

No cancellation, per region or per store fees included.

Free Codes

UPC and ISRC codes included with every release.


Features on curated playlists to expand your audience.


Pre-release and promotional tools available for stores.

Chart Registration

Chart eligible and registered releases for mass exposure.