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Today’s do-it-yourself indie artists have many challenges, but the biggest one doesn’t have to be finding an audience. With over one billion users, Instagram reaches three times the entire population of the United States. And what’s more, Instagram users tend to be the music listeners.

According to Statista, 68% of music fans who listen every day are between the ages of 18 and 34. That’s a perfect fit for Instagram, who boasts 64% of users aged 18-34. While distributing your songs to Facebook and YouTube makes a lot of sense – (Octiive does that, too) – getting your singles to Instagram is targeting the audience who wants you most.

But how?

Can I Collect Royalties on Instagram?

Instagram’s new Reels ability mimics the insanely popular TikTok app, which is just what indie artists want it to do. Content on Instagram Reels tends toward short forms which include lots of dancing and micro music videos, perfect for today’s DIY artist.

Once Octiive distributes your music, those sounds become available for your old fans and new fans to use in their own 15-sec Reels videos.

How’s that help you? All your Reels content links back to your official music catalog or Instagram profile, so every time your music catches an ear, your new fan can find the rest of your tracks with no trouble at all.

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