Music Mastering

Why master? There has never been an album worth mentioning that was not properly mastered by a professional engineer. Most artists understand the music making process except for the final and most crucial step. Let’s break it down by clearly answering: “What is mastering and why would I want/need it for my tracks?”


What We Do

Today’s music industry, has a defined standard for sound recordings across the board. Listeners, labels, and other forms of artist support, look for tracks that provide a similar quality sound to those that are successful. Even if your song is the greatest to have ever been written, it will need to be finished as a polished, quality sounding recording. Otherwise, your music is going to go straight into the trash bin of any executive you send it to. Our mastering provides balance across the stereo field and enhances the overall dynamics. This is also a chance to have an unbiased listener work on your tune. We’ll improve the sound of your creation whether it’s being played in the car, through giant pro audio speakers, or even in small earbuds. We want to take the time to successfully complete a product that represents the essence of your sound.

Hear the Difference

Before Mastering
After Mastering
Hip Hop
Before Mastering
After Mastering
Alternative Rock
Before Mastering
After Mastering
Before Mastering
After Mastering

When Submitting A Mix to be Mastered

  • Leave Headroom: Some frequencies will need a boost.  Tracks should be well below maximum gain/volume.
  • Use High Quality Media: WAV (preferably) or aif. Never mp3’s. Burn cds at the lowest speed possible– preferably 1x.
  • Allow mastering engineer to create fades at the beginning and ends of each track. Leave reverb and sustained tails on each track.
  • Keep the original audio quality. Do not down sample, or utilize any other bit-rate conversions. These changes may degrade the quality of the audio before it gets mastered.

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