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Why Get Your Music on Apple Music?

Apple Music led the digital sound revolution early in the 21st century.  Upon immediate release, the iPod changed the way people consume music entirely.  Although the Mp3 format was already in motion, it took this company to truly dominate the market.  These days, it’s hard to imagine a world without thousands of songs at your fingertip access.

Music listeners around the world immediately identify Apple Music as a “go-to” platform for discovering new artists as well as enjoying their favorite tracks.  And why not?  There’s an iPhone is the hands of virtually half the population.

Today, Apple Music has roughly 65 million subscribers, a number expected to grow rapidly in coming months and years. Those subscribers will have access to your music. Every one of them is a potential fan.  Get on board with Octiive, and be included in the service that changed the game as we know it.

Help Fans Help You with Apple Music

When you link your releases with Apple Connect, fans will be able to leave likes and comments on your songs, photos and videos, and even share tracks provided by you to everyone on the planet.  While it’s increasingly hard to get news of your music into the hands of the public. Connect helps fans tell other music listeners about your project.  this creates a “direct-to-consumer” flow for your brand and songs.

Apple Connect provides one of the best artist-to-fan connections the world has ever seen.  Therefore, this is a fan club for the new millennium.  Octiive can get your music on Apple Music and hundreds of others.

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