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Deezer Music Streaming is Bigger than Ever

Deezer Music Streaming comes from Paris, France, where it quickly gained popularity and spread to other French-speaking nations in Europe and Africa. Having raised 186 million dollars in 2018, Deezer is now a billion-dollar company and a global player in the battle for music streaming profits.

It’s not that surprising by the numbers, either. Deezer listeners are 14-million strong, enjoying a catalogue of 53 million music tracks, and they’re listening in more than 180 countries today. By the numbers, that makes Deezer Music Streaming the world’s third-biggest after Spotify and Apple.

Deezer takes all that success and turns it into a great experience for their subscribers. Deezer Music Streaming offers more than 100 million playlists, with new ones created daily by more than 50 staffed editors, and when listeners get tired of all that music, they can choose to stream from over 40,000 podcasts. And there are lots of other reasons to upload your music to deezer, too.

As Deezer Music Streaming Grows, So Can You

That 186 million dollars invested in Deezer Music Streaming came at the same time they got exclusive rights to stream in massive international areas.  Forcing Apple and Spotify partially out of those markets means millions more listeners for Deezer Music, and experts expect a power shift as a result.

But how can all this help you, the artist? Beside the fact that Deezer has so many listeners, Deezer Music Streaming also pays higher royalties to artists than many music streaming services.

Deezer also caters to independent artists with their signature artists’ platform, Deezer4Artists, which aims to help you interact with your fans through social media designed for use with Deezer Music Streaming. With it, you can customize your artist page, update your status, and upload playlists.   And maybe most rewarding of all, Deezer4Artists gives you detailed analytics so you can see the effects of your mingling with fans instantly.

Upload Your Music to Deezer, Reach the World

Deezer listeners can search their 53 million songs by track, album, artist or category, then create their own library by setting up playlists, categories, and more. Deezer also helps you make decisions with editorials, biographies, recommendations, dedicated web radios and even suggestions from popular artists, themselves.

Music fans who like music videos don’t miss out, either, with videos linked through artist’s pages and even directly from songs. Entire artist discographies have been made available, too, not to mention curated radio channels and a SmartRadio (think Pandora), so running out of music would be hard. But if you do, you can also upload your own personal MP3s to your playlists.

Oh, and one last grand-slam: as of summer 2018, Deezer Music Streaming became the first service to bring lossless hi-fidelity music quality to Google Assistant so that Android and Google Home users can simply say, “OK Google, play my Flow,” and hear songs in higher quality than ever before.  So the question isn’t “Why should I sell my music on Deezer?”  It’s “How can you afford not to?”

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