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Tidal Music Streaming started when Jay-Z felt music fans deserved better quality music for their money. Offering the world’s first better-than-MP3-quality streaming service, Tidal Music brings the studio experience to earbuds and stereos everywhere.

He also decided that the artists making the music deserved higher royalties, too. Fellow rap artist Nipsy Hussle layed out some of his royalty earnings in a 2018 Tweet. They clearly showed Hussle making more money from Tidal Music Streaming than from any other service.

One of the toughest issues for today’s musician is knowing where song sales go. Jay-Z told music industry students at New York University, “We’re saying that we’re in a position to bring light to this issue. We’re using our power that way.” Get your songs on Tidal Music, and this artist-based streaming service can start to work for you, too.

Tidal Music Streaming
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Hip hop and rap fans have a special ally in Tidal Music Streaming.  This makes sense because rapper Jay-Z owns the service with other star rappers, taking time to personally select tracks for listening in Tidal playlists. Fans of pop music get similar bonuses for the same reason, with expert curators on staff at Tidal to make sure listeners always have great lists to choose from.

In addition to Tidal Music’s 60 million tracks and 244,000 music videos, Tidal Music Streaming also hosts hundreds of streamed, exclusive live performances.

If you’re looking to connect with your hip-hop audience in ways other services don’t specialize, get your music on Tidal and they’ll help you do it.

Why Publish Your
Music on Tidal

It might seem like Tidal doesn’t get much attention compared to other services, but the truth is that Tidal Music Streaming reaches more music fans every day. While competitors like iTunes steal headlines for their brand popularity, Tidal focuses on bringing its hi-fidelity sounds to bigger and bigger audiences.

In November 2018, Tidal Music released its software for Microsoft Windows 10. With this one clever move, Tidal brought their streams to four times more people than those using Apple. And that gigantic new crowd is in addition to the massive international audience it already had. Tidal music is heard around the world.

Your songs deserve to sound their best. Get your music on Tidal music today, and your listeners can hear you exactly the way you intended when you left the recording studio.

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