Beatport is Calling
All DJ's & EDM Artists

Electronic Music Focus: Beatport specializes in DJ and EDM sales, establishing itself as a leader since 2004.

Genre Diversity: Sell your music on Beatport across electronic genres like house, trance, nu disco, downtempo, drum and bass, and more, as well as dub, funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, and dancehall.

Growing Fanbase: Despite industry trends, Beatport grew download sales by 8% annually, with 96% of sales from independent artists.

Beyond Downloads: Beatport offers more than just downloads—explore new avenues to promote and distribute your music effectively.

For DJ's & EDM Music,
The Future Belongs
to Beatport

Sales Growth: Beatport nearly doubled its sales in 2017 and continued strong in 2018, setting the stage for significant enhancements.

Beatport Cloud Service: Introduced three tiers—Beatport Cloud +, Beatport Cloud X, and Beatport Cloud Pro—offering features like unlimited re-downloads, needle-drop previews, free monthly tracks, and discounted store prices.

Expansion into Streaming: Acquired Pulselocker in 2017, paving the way for Beatport Link—a streaming integration for DJ software, enabling DJs to create playlists from their online music libraries.

Octiive helps you explore Beatport's evolving services to enhance your music distribution and DJ capabilities.

Beatport is Helping
Today's Indie DJ's
& Labels

Beatport Hype Charts: Introduced in mid-2018 to spotlight independent music artists and smaller labels, providing greater visibility and recognition across genres.

Curated Selections: Weekly 'Hype Picks' chosen by Beatport's curation team featured prominently on genre pages, boosting exposure for selected tracks.

Enhanced Visibility: Reserved banner and release tiles for Hype Charts labels, ensuring premium placement for new releases.

Ideal Platform for DJs and EDM Composers: With Beatport's evolving features like Beatport Cloud, Beatport Link, and Hype Charts, there's no better time for DJs and EDM composers to sell their tracks.

Join Beatport to elevate your music's visibility and reach the right audience effortlessly!

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