About Us

We're here to make your vision happen.

Octiive is a provider of major label resources for independent artists, labels and musicians. We provide a platform to work directly with artists around the world, encouraging the creative freedom to explore, showcase, and market their talents as they see fit. The Octiive mission statement is to provide a one-stop source for indie artists and labels to build their careers and reach new fans across the globe.

How We Came To Be A Global Provider Of Major Label Resources

Our story starts with a passionate musician who after years of extensive touring, major label deals, press, media shoots and the roller coaster that is the music business, felt it was time to channel this passion towards helping independent artists.

Enter the start of the journey, the launch of an independent record label.  Its purpose: to help musicians avoid industry pitfalls on the quest to reach their music goals. The team behind the independent record label was able to identify essential needs of the struggling artist. They saw an opportunity to leverage technology in helping level the playing field for these artists with the creation of global digital distributor.

The digital distribution venture went on to assist thousands of independent artists and labels across the globe, getting their music placed into hundreds of retailers and countries. As with any journey, if there is room for improvement, there is reason to evolve…Introducing Octiive: a global music community where independent artists and labels can showcase talent, boost exposure and monetize content beyond distribution.

“We were built by indie artists and live to give them the opportunities, resources and support that major labels provide.”


Why Choose Octiive

Make More Money

Simple up front pricing– without hidden fees or annual renewal costs.

Get More Reach

Sell your music online via 600+ stores and get press coverage.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of various plans & bundles for a suite of services.

No Hidden Costs

No cancellation, per region or per store fees included.

Free Codes

UPC and ISRC codes included with every release.


Features on curated playlists to expand your audience.


Pre-release and promotional tools available for stores.

Chart Registration

Chart eligible and registered releases for mass exposure.