YouTube Music?
You Bet!

Top Music Streaming Choice: YouTube consistently ranks as one of the best music streaming platforms, praised for its extensive music selection.

Global Dominance: With over 1.5 billion users, 82% of whom use it for music streaming, YouTube leads the pack in on-demand music.

Expanding Reach: YouTube remains the world's most popular option for streaming music, capturing 47% of the market share.

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YouTube Music–
The New Wave in

YouTube Music Unveiled: Introduced in late 2018, YouTube Music merges YouTube and Google Play Music, aiming to rival Spotify with YouTube Music Premium.

Extensive Content: Enjoy songs, albums, playlists, artist radio stations, remixes, live performances, covers, and music videos on YouTube Music.

Personalized Experience: YouTube Music revolutionizes music organization and personalization for users.

Premium Benefits: Subscribers to YouTube Music Premium can stream music in the background, download for offline listening, and access Google Play Music's features seamlessly.

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Make Money with
Songs & Videos on

Monetize Your Music and Videos on YouTube: Upload your music to reach a vast audience searching on Google, and upload videos to boost your visibility.

Financial Opportunity: Thanks to the Music Modernization Act, YouTube Music now offers enhanced earning potential for artists, benefiting independent songwriters especially.

Keep Your Royalties: With Octiive, you retain 100% of your royalties at all times.

Reach a Global Audience: Let Octiive distribute your music and videos to YouTube's 1.5 billion music listeners and viewers worldwide.

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