Deezer Music Streaming
is Bigger than Ever

Global Reach: Deezer Music Streaming, originating from Paris, boasts 14 million listeners across 180 countries.

Extensive Catalogue: Enjoy a library of 53 million music tracks on Deezer, making it the world’s third-largest music streaming service.

Curated Playlists: Access over 100 million playlists crafted by more than 50 editors, ensuring a diverse and engaging music experience.

Podcasts Galore: Dive into over 40,000 podcasts available on Deezer for varied listening options.

As Deezer Music
Streaming Grows,
So Can You

Investment Impact: Deezer Music Streaming's $186 million investment secured exclusive streaming rights in key international markets, potentially shifting industry dynamics.

Higher Royalties: Deezer pays artists higher royalties compared to many other streaming services, benefiting musicians financially.

Deezer4Artists Platform: Tailored for independent artists, Deezer4Artists enables direct fan interaction through customizable artist pages, status updates, and playlist uploads.

Analytics Insight: Gain real-time analytics on fan engagement and track performance metrics instantly with Deezer4Artists, empowering artists with actionable insights.

Upload Your Music
to Deezer, Reach
the World

Personalized Music Experience: Deezer offers 53 million songs searchable by track, album, artist, or category, enabling users to create custom playlists and categories.

Rich Content: Access editorials, artist biographies, recommendations, and dedicated web radios, plus suggestions from popular artists.

Music Videos and Discographies: Explore music videos on artist pages, complete artist discographies, curated radio channels, and a Pandora-like SmartRadio feature.

Hi-Fidelity Integration: Deezer introduced lossless hi-fidelity music quality to Google Assistant in 2018, enhancing the listening experience for Android and Google Home users.

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