How to Make a Musician’s Website for Live Shows (and Everything) in an Hour


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

August 14, 2020

How to make a musician’s website depends on what you want the site to do. Luckily, most musicians need the same things, so that’s going to make this job pretty easy. Not to mention, as of summer 2020, artists now have a whole new option available to them making it super simple. That new option is called Onescreener.

Onescreener lets you make a website for yourself as a musician (which every serious musician should do, of course, as we have noted several times in posts on Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and YouTube advertising).

And when you’re done, your new free musician’s website can look at least this professional.

It’s not just a website, though. Onescreener will help you make a page for yourself, then integrate all your social media and music pages including live-streamed music performances!

You can get most of what Onescreener does for free, and if you don’t have an artist’s page at all, this would be a great place to start. But for some of the more professional features, you’ll want to subscribe. Luckily, if you’re an Octiive indie artist, you get a huge break! All you've got to do is enter the code OCTIIVE during checkout in Onescreener and receive 30% off paid plans for the first year. Presto, an already inexpensive service is now laughably affordable.

So let’s take a look at how Onescreener can help you stream live performances from home and see what you get with each package.

Billa's official website was made on Onescreener

Make a Musician’s Website with Onescreener: the Options

Make a musician’s website for streaming using Onescreener’s non-paid option, and you’re going to get a surprising amount for … um, nothing.

With Onescreener’s free option, you can:

  • Link your social media accounts!
  • Link your email address
  • Make an online shop for music or merch!
  • Add an official newsletter
  • Feature your EPK (musician’s press kit)
  • Enter a biography
  • Have an "About" link
  • Create official logo
  • Change website colors
  • Customize sizes and positions of page features
  • Change preview from desktop to mobile while editing site
  • Embed a form for booking!
  • Set a custom background wallpaper
  • Embed upcoming events
  • Make your own subdomain
  • SSL (https://) certificates so your audience knows your site is safe
  • Access to Optune digital office

And there are a few other features, too, but these are the important ones. As you can see, Onescreener basically gives you the ability to make a website for yourself as an artist where you can send all your fans, free. So if you don’t have one, yet, you no longer have an excuse.

At the very least, today’s serious indie musician should take advantage of this service just to link all the social media and email addresses, but it’s also a no-brainer to have a single hub for booking and upcoming events, too.

Gotta note, though, that if you want to know how to make a musician’s website for live shows during COVID or thereafter, you’re going to want to pay for Onescreener’s more-powerful options. Let us show you why, and talk about how much money it costs (hardly anything).

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How to Make a Musician’s Website for Live Shows: Paid Edition

How to make a musician’s website for streaming live depends on getting a live stream onto the internet your audience can easily reach. This new Onescreener thing does that really well, but you’ll need to get their entry-level subscription to do it. Onescreener calls that their “pro” plan, and it’s not a bad name for it.

The Onescreener Pro plan costs just 4 USD /mo, but you gotta pay that up front for the year. Octiive artists save 14 dollars off the total -- not bad at all. What do you get, though?

In addition to all the basic stuff you get for free, Pro Edition gives you the ability to:

  • Embed livestreams!
  • Embed videos on your page!
  • Embed music players!
  • Add a personal logo
  • Add a clickable image
  • Add floating text
  • Both basic support and “premium personal” support

Those are some whoppers. Right at the top we see that you’re going to be able to put on live shows from the comfort of your home or studio, and anyone who goes to your Onescreener website will be able to attend the performance without leaving your official site. 

That looks an awful lot more professional than sending people to a YouTube channel, and frankly, it is more professional. You also don’t run the risk of anyone seeing something suggested to them in their YT feed and clicking away from your show.

How to make a musician’s website for live shows is handy to know, but pretty useless if people are constantly jumping ship in the middle of the performance.

Let’s see that last option.

How to Make a Musician’s Website for a Livestreaming Performance: Onescreener Premium

How to make a musician’s website for livestreaming performance may include as much as 7 USD a month (ooooh!) if you’re really making your music a career.

The Onescreener Premium Plan for 7/mo (Octiive artists save 25  USD over the year) gives you:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Create a new domain name
  • Connect an existing domain
  • Search-engine optimization
  • Showcase opportunities
  • Favicon

The first two, FB Pixel and Google Analytics, are programs for giving you graphs and statistics to show you what posts you make perform best. We have talked about G. Analytics before in marketing how-to posts such as this one, this one, and this one. If you’re turbocharging your marketing and advertising moves, you’ll definitely want Pixel and Analytics for your Onescreener to see who’s coming to your site (and who isn’t). They provide much, much more than that, too, but that’s for another time.

Making a domain name is important, too, and it’s important to every artist who cares about their image at all. A domain name is the difference between and or something like that. You really can’t look professional with a web domain that includes somebody else’s business in the URL. You need to pay your internet rent to have a legit storefront. It’s not much.

Search-engine optimization is great because it sends people looking for what you’re selling much more effectively. This very article has been optimized to help artists looking to make a musician’s website for live shows easily. Want people to find your music page? SEO is your friend.

Showcase opportunities means that you’ve got a chance Onescreener might advertise your page -- if you do a good enough job making your site look attractive. That’s always nice, right?

And finally, the favicon. Aaah, the favicon, most underrated and overlooked internet doohickey. Check out the Independent Music News Network. See their logo of the little radio next to IMNN? Look up in your browser tab. See the icon up there? That’s a favicon, and if you think people don’t notice it, you’re crazy. Favicons are basically the polo-shirt animal of webpages. Is it worth upgrading from Pro to Premium just for the favicon? Eh. But it’s definitely not nothing.

Now let’s talk about which options we recommend for indie artists at every point in their career.

An indie artist preps for his live stream show- TexxandtheCity

How to Make a Musician’s Website for Live Shows: Which Package?

How to make a musician’s website for live streaming depends on what you want to do with your music career. Let's break down who should get what with their Onescreener account.

Option 1: Free

If you aren’t trying to make a living as an artist, or if you don’t care about performing live from your home, you have far fewer reasons to pay for Onescrener’s higher tiers..

You should absolutely still use their service, though, especially if you don’t have a webpage for your project, already. Why wouldn’t you put all your social media for your band or solo music in one place? And merch and such? Like, why?

No reason. Go ahead. Treat yourself.

Option 2: Pro

This is the version we recommend for most indie artists because it’s the tier which lets you livestream your performances on your site. 

Not to mention -- and we’re gonna give it its own paragraph, here -- the Pro tier also gives you music players on your page. Why the heck wouldn’t a musician have a music player on their page? That would be like selling Ferraris without any cars in the showroom. Just silly.

You also get to make and use a logo here, and branding is super important. But, you know, that’s more on the business side, and lots of artists aren’t ever going to make a logo in their lives, so that depends on you.

Option 3: Premium

If you’re more than a hobbyist and looking to actually reach success as a musician, you’ll need Onescreener Premium just for the marketing resources. The other benefits are super strong, too (ahem! favicon) but really it’s the SEO and analytics you need.

And that’s basically that.

How to Make a Musician’s Website for Live Shows: Onescreener Is Your Friend

How to make a music artist’s website isn’t too complicated, and as we’ve shown, here, it can be totally free, too. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Onescreener, and if you’re going to distribute a project, may as well hook up your Octiive account, too, so you can get that sweet, sweet 30% off offer from Onescreener (as of Aug 2020).

And if you want a little help getting your page off the ground, you can learn how to do it with a video here.

Have fun! Happy livestreaming!