A Must Read: Business Basics for Musicians by Bobby Borg


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January 24, 2024

A Must Read: Business Basics for Musicians by Bobby Borg

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, where artists must seamlessly navigate the complex intersection between creativity and business, Bobby Borg emerges as the trusted guide. Often referred to as the "horse whisperer" for musicians grappling with the intricacies of the music business, Borg's latest masterpiece, "Business Basics for Musicians," is hailed as a must-read for anyone serious about making music and making a living from it.

Demystifying the Music Business Maze

Borg's expertise lies in his ability to listen, interpret, and explain the often-perilous maze that musicians find themselves in. In this latest volume, he takes the reader on a journey through the nuances of the New Music Industry. From invaluable tips on pursuing a career in music to the intricacies of negotiating contracts, finding lawyers, and unraveling the mysteries of music publishing, Borg leaves no stone unturned.

Digestible Wisdom, Not Overwhelming Complexity

One of the standout features of Borg's approach is his knack for breaking down each subject into small, edible pieces. Unlike many other books on the music business, which often assume a background in law, economics, or accounting, Borg's writing is accessible and organic. He ensures that readers aren't overwhelmed or confused, making the information relatable and easily digestible.

The Layperson's Guide to the Music Industry

In the digital age, where emerging technologies empower artists to act as their own record labels, understanding the business side of music has never been more crucial. "Business Basics for Musicians" serves as the layperson's guide to the music industry. Written by a professional musician for fellow artists, the book simplifies five vital areas for success: Career Execution, Business Relationships, Pro Teams, Deals and Dollars, and Future Predictions.

Covering Every Aspect of the Music Business

The book delves into everything from copyright and record deals to the roles of managers, merchandising, and the DIY approach. Through interviews, anecdotes, and review quizzes, Borg provides a comprehensive manual that helps artists master business essentials quickly, allowing them to focus on what they love most – creating music.

A Warning and a Promise

For musicians immersed in the creative process, Borg offers a stark warning – you don't want your hard work flushed down the toilet because of a misunderstood publishing contract. His advice is simple: read "Business Basics for Musicians" first, and you'll be glad you did.

In a world inundated with confusing and ever-changing information, musicians need a trusted source of business advice. Bobby Borg's "Business Basics for Musicians" not only meets this need but does so in a language musicians can understand. This book is not just a read; it's a roadmap to success in the music industry. Don't let the complexities of the business side dim your creative spark – let Borg's wisdom illuminate your path to success.

Bobby Borg - Business Basics for Musicians

ISBN: 978-1-5381-3319-4