TikTok for Musicians? Now there's Jamiphy!


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

April 24, 2020

For musicians, TikTok has always been a little off the mark. It’s a solid app, and it’s definitely a fun app, but it was never meant for anything more than goofing around karaoke-style and having a good time. What if you wanted to actually perform for your fans, though, or use it to connect with new audiences?

That’s where Jamiphy comes in. It’s a TikTok for musicians from the ground up. Designed, programmed, and intended specifically for mini virtual concerts, its content and community are solely focused on musical performances. For DIY indie artists trying to take advantage of TikTok to boost their careers, Jamiphy aims to offer exactly what they’ve been looking for.

It’s been featured in press at Musically, TechCrunch, and DailySocial, and the buzz keeps getting louder.

But what is Jamiphy, exactly? And how is it better than the alternatives? We talked to founder and CEO of Jamiphy, Owen Carey, to find out.

"Jamiphy is the app for mini virtual concerts." - Jamiphy

TikTok for Musicians? What’s Jamiphy? 

What’s the difference between TikTok and Jamiphy?

[CEO Owen Carey]: Jamiphy is similar to TikTok in that it’s based around short-form videos, but Jamiphy offers users with large followings the option to post longer-form mini concerts. It also has a similar user experience, but ours is “cleaner”, in the same way that Airbnb is cleaner than Craigslist. When you log on to TikTok you have no idea what you are going to get, which is super cool, honestly. But I also think it’s super cool that every time I open up Jamiphy I am able to immerse myself in just music!

Why should artists care about Jamiphy?

Musicians should care about Jamiphy because it’s a social platform dedicated solely to them — the music community. Other social media (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) have all kinds of users with all kinds of content (wedding photos, cat videos, you name it), and Jamiphy will be a place where you go to experience one thing: music. It’s a social app just for music, pure and undiluted, making it easy and natural to immerse yourself in sound.

Front-row seats right in your pocket - Musically.com

A TikTok for Musicians Can Benefit the Whole Indie-Music Community

How can today's indie artists use Jamiphy? 

Indie artists can benefit from the app by finding their community within it. Just like an offbeat concert venue that draws small but passionate crowds, Jamiphy will give them a platform to play their music—whatever that may be. 

Jamiphy will also exponentially increase audience interaction with musicians’ videos (compared to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram), due to the short video format and algorithm placing their music in others’ feeds. On top of that, our target audience is 5% performing musicians and 95% music lovers, so there will be an enormous online audience for indie artists to gain a following. 

What do you think the impact of Jamiphy could be?

If I asked anyone how they would watch music on their phone right now, they would all give me different answers. Jamiphy intends to change that and be the go-to place to watch amazing music content, amateur to professional.

Cool, but -- umm -- how much? And what do I need?

Jamiphy is totally free! You only need a smartphone with the app installed. It’s currently live in Indonesia, launching globally in May.

Pretty much every instrument is represented: harps, violins, and a thousand ukuleles. - Jamiphy

TikTok for Musicians: Signs Point to Yes

We’ve gotten overwhelmingly positive responses from the musicians we’ve reached out to — even top creators from other apps like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. The common sentiment we’ve been getting has been, “Finally! A place just for music.” It feels like a no-brainer.

We’ve also been recruiting our favorite musicians online to set them up with Verified Accounts before the launch, so they can become early adopters of the app and have a strong following from the get-go!

As far as non-musicians/viewers, we’ve also had incredible growth on our Facebook page (301k followers), Instagram page (98k), and TikTok page (6k followers). The quick rise in following has been reassuring that people clearly enjoy this kind of content!

Oh, and how did the idea of Jamiphy come about? 

I am a lifelong/diehard musician and an addicted social-media user. I’ve always thought it was crazy there isn’t a massive social media for musicians and music fans. Music is that awesome. 

Also, I go to a lot of concerts and watch a lot of concerts/cover videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. A video-only music social app made sense to me — so I started Jamiphy!

What has been most exciting so far? 

Helping amateur musicians get famous! Check our Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. We’re going to help a lot of awesome amateur musicians get Jamiphy famous, and launch their career from there.

No, seriously, like every instrument is represented. - Jamiphy

Jamiphy, the TikTok for Musicians -- Getting Started

What seems to work best for artists getting started?

My advice for artists getting started on Jamiphy is to just get on and explore. We have a really clean in-app experience, but as with all tech, there’s a bit of a learning curve that’s overcome only by trying things out. Check out what other artists are doing, experiment with video effects, have fun with it!

I will also say, the sooner artists join the app, the better chance they have of getting “discovered” — if that’s their goal. Being an early adopter can really help gain a following quickly.

TikTok for Musicians Seems Like No-Risk, High Reward

That’s all we’ve got from Jamiphy’s Owen Carey, but it’s more than enough to convince us that this is — at the very least — worth a try. Will it be as successful as TikTok? One thing’s for sure: the music’s going to be a lot better.

We’ll be taking his advice and getting in early.