The Best Music Subreddits For Artists


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

January 3, 2020

The best music subreddits for artists are especially useful for DIY and independent musicians. Underground creatives can always use another avenue to showcase their latest work, get reactions from other musicians, and network with industry pros in general. The best subs have thousands of useful existing threads with thousands of active users posting new ones all the time.

As we said in our recent piece on the best music subreddits for underground hip hop, an insane number of people use Reddit on the regular. How many? About 330 million people (!) which happens to be about the same number as the entire population of the USA. So it makes sense that there should be an incredible amount of information being traded there about making music, and, oh look, yes there is. With more than 700 music subreddits altogether, there’s helpful, interesting, and even crucial information being traded there every day.

But which areas on Reddit are most useful? We've done the research and come up with the following roster.

So dig in, learn up, and by all means, get active! These Reddit musicians are helpful, knowledgeable, and even looking to collaborate. Let's see where to find them.

Best Subreddits for artists can help explain the complications in a digital audio workstation
Look complex? It can be. The right subreddit can help. - Masters of Music

Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/audioengineering

Readers: 166,000

Description: "Products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio."

The best music subreddits for artists generally fall into two categories: advice and marketing. /R/audioengineering is maybe the best of the advice subs just because so many musicians go there.

They're smart and friendly in there, and when someone suggests something others disagree with, they'll speak up. You can expect to get 1-5 responses on any question you ask, especially if it's a question you couldn't have easily looked up yourself.

And they have a Tips and Tricks Tuesday feature which never disappoints.


Another Sub for Studio Questions: /r/musicproduction

Readers: 50,000

Description: "A community for hobbyists, professional musicians, and enthusiasts to discuss music production-related topics, ask questions, collaborate, and share tips and tricks. Music creators from all walks of life are welcome here."

The best music subreddits for artists depend on giving out info and advice, and this is another great source for both. The questions here are similar to /r/audioengineering, but the community is smaller so people get to know you more quickly. That can make all the difference if you're looking to become a familiar face, make friends and meet collaborators. Also, people tend to talk more about matters of taste in /r/musicproduction which /r/audioengineering isn't always interested in discussing.

This sub also sports a Wednesday Feedback Thread, in which they invite you to show one of your new tracks and explain your goals for it. Then Redditors will tell you how you're doing and suggest some tweaks. Truly a great resource for DIY artists.

Young man working at his DAW
Sure, there's a lot to learn, but Reddit has answers. - Asbury Park Music Lives

One Last Studio Subreddit: /r/AdvancedProduction

Readers: 18,300

Description: "This subreddit is for producers who have progressed past an introductory level of production and wish to engage in discussion about more advanced techniques and questions."

This is the last studio suggestion we have for you.

The description says it all. If you're already kinda pro at working your home studio, the above two groups won't help you as much as this one.

If you're still pretty new to working the DAW and the sound board, this sub won't be much help. But by all means, when you're ready to ask the heavy-hitting questions, this is the place to go.

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Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/makinghiphop/

Readers: 132,000 with about 300 online at any time

Description: “Do you dabble in making beats and wonder how they'd sound with someone rapping over them? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at rapping but don't know any quality producers? Hell, if you just want to provide input in any way, we at r/makinghiphop would appreciate it.”

The best music subreddits for artists discuss hip hop maybe more than any other kind of music. /R/makinghiphop is a powerhouse among powerhouses. In here you'll find rookies and veterans of the scene alike rubbing elbows with producers, sound engineers, beat chemists and more, not to mention people just stopping by to ask a casual question.

It boasts has this fantastic collection of resources, including a Beginners Guide for indie hip-hop imagineers just starting out. Even if you've been in the scene for a while, it's pretty great to go through /r/makinghiphop's checklist of things every artist should do. After all, they've been working at that list for some time now.

/R/makinghiphop also has a Daily Feedback Thread where you can post your latest creation and let Redditors give you applause and constructive criticism as they see fit. That's priceless.


Best music subreddits for artists help even advanced producers
Whether you're in EDM, hip hop, or alt- rock, Reddit has your back. - Diginoiz

Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/Drumkits

Readers: 121,000

Description: "Welcome to /r/Drumkits!"

The best music subreddits for artists list of course includes a place for both EDM and hip-hop DJs to trade their drum kits. It constantly has a problem with people uploading copyrighted sounds, though, so be sure to read their rules before posting, or they could ban you.

The great news is that lots of famous EDM producers have posted a kit or two up there. There's kinda nothing cooler than playing around with one of your favorite artist's sounds.

Highly recommended.

Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/Rapverses

Readers/Writers: 800

Description: "A place to post verses from hip-hop songs with vivid imagery, snappy punchlines, hilarious comedy, or send a great message."

Self-explanatory. If you're a rapper or even just a songwriter, this sub is for you. Far more fun than the usual amateur poetry club online, /r/Rapverses hosts lyric-minded musicians and rap fans who both celebrate great lines they've discovered and post original rhymes to see what people think.

If you're into the writing side of hip hop, this is definitely where you should be hanging out.

Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/Beatmatch

Readers: 53,000

Description: "Welcome to /r/Beatmatch!"

Beatmatch deals mostly with DJing in its purest form. Come and hang out, see what beats people are matching to which samples. Make sure you read their rules page, and also make use of their Weekly Mix Thread where you can show off your most recent alchemy.

/R/Beatmatch also hosts some of the best conversations you can find about DJing on the Internet, so don't be shy with questions. Just check out the below examples.


Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/shareyourmusic/

Readers: 18,000

Description: "A subreddit for new and upcoming musicians to share their music and a place for listeners to discover, give feedback and support new bands."

The best music subreddits don't always have giant readerships, as we've seen. But /r/shareyourmusic is already super useful as a place to showcase your sounds, and it's growing fast anyhow. When this article was started in the third week of December, 2019, it had a little over 17k readers. Today, on 1 January 2020, it already has 18,000. With that kind of growth, we can expect it to top 20k by the end of the month.

It's also worth noting that there's more going on in this sub than people posting their tracks. For instance...


Best Music Subreddits for Artists: /r/PromoteYourMusic/

Readers: 6,800

Description: "Promote your CD, DVD, Website, Concert, Club date, Pictures of your cat. Anything to do with your career in the world of music."

This sub is much like the last one, and again, it's growing leaps and bounds, having notched 300 readers in the last two days. When you're ready to let the world know about your music, this is another avenue. Pay attention to what the preview looks like in Reddit when you post. Posts with attractive preview images see far more activity than boring or budget-looking ones. Music promotion is one of the most important things you need to do when publishing your songs. Don't sleep on it!

The Best Music Subreddits Give You Info When You Need It

For sure, there are plenty of other subreddits about music, but these particular corners of the site have proven both helpful and friendly to today's DIY musicians.

That doesn't mean you won't find others you like more, but this list should prove very useful to the majority, and we're happy to highlight them. Just like musicians, Reddit subs have a hard time gaining a following. This modest little clutch deserves plenty of attention. Enjoy them!