Spotify For Artists Brings You Closer To Your Fans


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

April 5, 2019

What Is Spotify for Artists?

Spotify for Artists lets musicians take total control of their Spotify profile like never before. It gives you free, instant and direct access to the Spotify for Artists community, so every new feature Spotify rolls out to help indie musicians gets to you right away.

Part social media, part official website, and part personal music label, Spotify for Artists brings musicians to their audiences so fans can get excited about each and every new track, photo or playlist you offer them, and plenty more.

Sounds great, right? But even better is that when you upload your music to Spotify with Octiive, your access to Spotify for Artists is instant. You’ll be Spotify-verified and exploring your Spotify for Artists profile momentarily.

Spotify for Artists is easy to use on your mobile phone.
Got a great idea on-the-go? Try Spotify for Artists on your phone. –

Spotify for Artists Has an App? What?

Spotify’s so popular worldwide, it might not be surprising they have an app just for their Spotify for Artists platform. What may surprise you is the quality of the thing and just how much you can do with it to your fan base as a musician.

Just like the Spotify Music app, Spotify for Artists is available both for Apple on the App Store and for Android at the Play Store, 100% free.

Once your Spotify for Artists profile is set up, using the app lets you do more as a musician through your phone than used to be possible at all, even through a record label.

The app has been designed to help you update your musician bio, get your latest release ready to drop, promote your songs and upcoming performances, share your own, original playlists with listeners, and make sure fans see you just the way you want them to see you on Spotify.

When your new single or album hits the public, you can track your release as it reaches new listeners in real time. You can get live updates on your new tracks and watch as new listeners find and play your music whether you’re on your couch at home, sitting in a tour van, or waiting to track your vocals in the studio.

With the Spotify for Artists app, you can get to know your audience on a personal level and learn where most of your fans want you to play. Should you drive out for a weekend, or book a whole tour? Spotify for Artists will help you decide.

Spotify for Artists gives you useful data on how people hear your music.
Spotify for Artists gives you useful data on how people hear your music. – Wiseband

Spotify for Artists Statistics Help you Know

As a rising indie musician, you know how to get a song on Spotify and onto a Spotify playlist through Octiive, but once we help get you on Spotify for Artists, you’ll also have access to loads of data you never had before.

What kind of data?

You’ll be able to track the performance of your singles, EPs, mixtapes and full-length albums both in real numbers and with handy visual charts. You’ll get to see how your audiences find your music as well as where these audiences are. Check out which countries love you best, then zoom in and see which cities in those nations might make the best destination for an international tour.

Statistics like this can bring you important info for your next big promotion or advertisement, tell you which of your songs you should feature as your next big single, and which language you might want to learn just enough of to write a song specifically for the people who love you around the world.

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Your music sounds good. You can make the musician look good as well on Spotify Music.
Your music sounds good. You can make the musician look good, too. – Dribbble

Your Profile at Spotify for Artists

After learning how to upload songs to Spotify via a distributor, one of the biggest concerns artists have is how to change the details in their Spotify profile. And of course it is! Who would want to distribute their music without control over their name, their information, and especially, the way they look to the world?

Fear not, though. With Spotify for Artists, you’ve got 100% control over what listeners learn about you, what you have to say to them, and what you show them is going on with your music career today.

Your artist profile on Spotify acts as a hub where all your content moves outward to the masses. Your fans can visit you there, hear directly from you what you’ve been working on, listen to your curated playlists, discover what new, faraway places you’ve been performing at, and maybe even buy some of your merchandise (more on that later). You can even update your listeners on what songs you’re really into, yourself, so they can hear for themselves what influences go into making the person who makes the music they love so much.

Naturally, you also get to pick a new image to front you, so fans can see what your latest look is this season. Spotify listeners see that image every time they search for you or visit your profile on a tablet, smartphone or computer, so it’s a good thing Spotify for Artists lets you upload a fresh, custom image whenever you like so it reflects who you really are.

Spotify for Artists Helps You Tell Your Story
Now that you look great, let Spotify for Artists help your story sound great, too. –

Create Your Bio

Finding new listeners via a Spotify playlist is fantastic! But it’s less fantastic if your music isn’t attached to a great bio introducing you to your audience. Spotify for Artists can help you there, too.

An artist bio is your description of yourself to the world, the story of your music if you like, the paragraph about the person who creates the songs fans love to hear online. Spotify for Artists gives you 1500 characters to write about yourself and your music which you can edit any time you like.
Your artist bio at Spotify for Artists can also include links to any artists, songs, albums, or playlists Spotify has to offer, and it lets you include a link to your Wiki page, if you’ve got one, too.

Not only can you tell fans about your own music, you can tell them what you listen to on Spotify.
Not only can you tell fans about your own music, you can tell them what you listen to, too. – MrStej

Feature Your Artist’s Pick

Your Spotify for Artists profile also lets you feature any music you’d like to spotlight at the time as your Artist’s Pick.

Got a new single? Feature it as your Artist’s Pick. Got a new album? Make it your Artist’s Pick. Write a new playlist? Artist’s Pick. Friend got a real banger? Artist’s Pick. And if you’ve fallen in love with something so good to you you’ve just got to let the world know about it, that can be your Artist’s Pick, too.

Not only that, but you get to pick an image to go along with your selection and write a short message to your listeners about the importance this music has to you.

Your Artist’s Pick can be seen at the top of your profile for two weeks or until the day after your last show during a tour, and you can change it out whenever your heart desires.

Choose Favorites for Music and Make Public.
Goodbye, telling fans who you love — hello, bringing them the music. – HowToGeek

Talk About Music You Love

One of the most important things you can do to help your fans love you even more is to teach them who you love. Maybe the easiest way to do that is by finding, creating and sharing playlists you appreciate, yourself.

It’s crucial to tell music fans which bands and artists you listen to, which ones go into the head making the music they adore you for. So it’s a great thing that Spotify for Artists gives you the ability to feature playlists on your profile, too.

Which songs inspire you? What are your main artistic influences? You don’t have to describe them — you can show them directly, giving fans an inside look at exactly what kind of music you’re all about.

Many popular artists make huge followings for their playlists which helps promote their music, tells fans what songs are being performed at which shows, and give friendly bands and performers a boost when they discover someone great.

This is something you can do. Like, today.

Spotify allows you to promote your show calendar.
Promote your show calendar with Spotify for Artists. – RepostNetwork

And can you use Spotify for Artists to tell your fans when you’re coming to town to play? Of course you can!

Spotify for Artists works with major concert promoters such as Eventbrite, Songkick, Ticketmaster, and AXS to prominently show tour dates on your profile. Your followers will get updates from Spotify alerting them to your nearby shows when they crop up both in email letters and inside their Spotify app. And if your dates aren’t already listed on Spotify, you can simply visit Songkick Tourbox to add your shows manually. No problem.

Spotify allows you to sell artist merch.
Spotify for Artists will sell your merch, too. – Merchbar

Oh, and one last thing. In between giving you access to all your listeners and amplifying your voice and showing you who is listening to what and where in the world they’re doing it, Spotify for Artists will also sell your loyal fans your merchandise.

Through a deal with Merchbar, as soon as you list your items for sale there, your merch will automatically pop up in Spotify so your listeners know you’ve got shirts, leggings, hats, stickers and more for sale. Merchbar works with most major companies, too, so if you’re already hooked up with a major merch retailer, chances are your merch will be on Spotify right away.

Why Go Without, when Anyone Can Go With Spotify for Artists?

Octiive artists have a leg up as musicians already, but if they aren’t taking advantage of all these great offerings from Spotify for Artists, they’re not getting the full value of distributing their music through Octiive. Especially since Octiive won’t just place you at Spotify, but also at Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Apple Music, and virtually every other major player you can think of.

With Octiive and Spotify for Artists, you can be shaking hands with new fans around the world in less time than ever before.

Get in early.