Out Now: Rhea Francani - Fight Back

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May 21, 2024

Rhea Francani's latest release, ‘Fight Back,’ is an empowering anthemaimed at inspiring her fans. As the follow-up to her 2021 hit, ‘I’m More,’this song delves deeper into life's challenges and the resilience neededto overcome them.

According to Limestone Records, Rhea drew inspiration from some ofcountry music’s biggest stars. Her contemporary sound seamlesslyblends country and pop, capturing the essence of both genres.

Rhea Francani is a talented recording artist, singer-songwriter, and teacher who blendsclassic country with bluegrass, pop, and rock to create a distinctive musical style.
Similar to Kelsea Ballerini and Carly Pearce, Rhea’s sound blurs the lines between countryand pop. Despite growing up in Buffalo, NY, Rhea is drawn to the southern charm ofcountry music, saying, "I bring a bit of the city to the country."

Her musical journey began with family sing-alongs and let her to earn a Master’s Degreein Music and Music Education from Columbia University.

This academic foundation took her to Nashville, where she co-produced her debutalbum, "Now or Never." Currently based in South Florida, she teaches Performing Art at Florida Atlantic University.

Grounded in her love of country music and inspired by artists like Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston, and Kelly Clarkson, Rhea's music is a hybrid of pop, R&B, hip-hop,and rock. Her high-energy live performances mix country and contemporary pop,connecting with audiences through storytelling and musicality.

She values the blend of technical skill and emotional depth in music, aiming to bringcity flair to country with her vibrant beats and heartfelt lyrics. She seeks to make a meaningful impact on her fans, encouraging them to find joy in everyday moments.

Stream / Download Rhea Francani - Fight Back here!

Rhea is grateful for her family's support and invites fans to learn more atrheafrancani.com or on her social media channels.