Release of the Week: Kuzco Da Foo - Time Travel

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Tobias Witt
June 25, 2024

Southern hip-hop's rising star, Calvin Terrant Pearson, better known as Kuzco Da Foo, is making waves with his unique sound. Born and raised in Manning, South Carolina, Kuzco Da Foo has spent the last four years developing a style that blends "real" rap with a transcendent flow, setting him apart from the average "dirty south" rapper. His music, rich with street tales and wisdom, offers listeners both thought-provoking content and raw authenticity.

Kuzco Da Foo's journey in the rap world has seen him drop multiple hit singles, including "Bounce Back," "Rules," and "Pop Out Woe (mix)." His lyrical prowess paints vivid pictures of his world, delivered through a musical style that is both raw and unrelenting. “Music is my passion. It’s my creative outlet and a means to provide for my family,” says the independent artist, who draws inspiration from legends like UGK, Devin the Dude, and Donny Hathaway.

With the release of his new album "Time Travel" on April 28, Kuzco Da Foo is set to make an even bigger impact. The album showcases his unmatched ambition, inventive videos, and creativity that stand out in the independent rap scene. His music conveys a compelling blend of truth and realness, appealing to an international audience.

Kuzco Da Foo is more than just a new rapper; he's an unstoppable force in the entertainment world. His raw yet polished style exudes both humility and swagger, placing him in a category of his own. Don't miss out on "Time Travel"—an album that promises to redefine southern hip-hop.

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