Out Now: Mr.Lex, BabyBang, Voicestream - Bounce It


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November 3, 2023

Out Now: Mr.Lex, Babybang, Voicestream - Bounce It

Prepare to set the dance floors on fire as Sky Sound proudly presents 'Bounce It.'
This scorching new single brings together the legendary Lexxus (aka Mr. Lex), Babybang, and Voicestream, masterfully produced by the RiddimKingz.
This genre-blurring track effortlessly bridges the gap between the pulsating rhythms of Dancehall and the sizzling vibe of Hip-Hop.

'Bounce It' isn't just a track; it's an explosion of energy and rhythm that's ready to shake the music scene. With the combined talents of these artists and the production prowess of RiddimKingz, 'Bounce It' promises an unforgettable musical experience.

Sky Sound is a newly established label, serving as a subsidiary of Octiive music distribution. With a strong emphasis on cultural diversity and musical fusion, Sky Sound aims to create connections between various cultures and music genres. By bridging the gaps between different styles, the label strives to foster a rich and inclusive musical landscape.


Mr.Lex aka Lexxus

Get ready to groove and let the beat take over!

Song: Bounce It
Artists: Mr.Lex, Babybang, Voicestream
Release Date: 03. November 2023
Produced by  RiddimKingz
Label: Sky Sound