Octiive Music’s New AI Tools Put Artists in Control

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June 14, 2023

Octiive Music’s New AI Tools Put Artists in Control

Octiive, the largest digital music distributor and creativity hub, run by musicians for musicians, has announced the development of a suite of tools that use generative AI to help artists focus on their craft and creativity including one that lets you leapfrog to future versions of a song. The ACE by Octiive AI toolkit will be like having a visionary producer by your side with that unexpected perfect beat, that subtle pad on the keys that adds so much dimension, or an orchestral backing track that will let your writing soar. It’s that sparring partner you need so you (and/or your band) aren’t working in a vacuum.

“Big tech’s generative AI tools create watered down beats from licensed libraries or worse, stolen riffs and lyrics pulled from the web,” said Octiive Founder Mershad Javan, a veteran musician himself who has been working in Switzerland to expand the Octiive platform in the DACH region and onboard top Swiss AI engineers. “At Octiive, we’ve always been innovating to make tech’s rapid changes benefit artist — and now is critical time to make AI work for us before we all wind up working for it.”

The ACE by Octiive tools will provide feedback and suggestions on lyrics, melodies, song structure and chord progressions. Overall, it’s a friend that instead of just smiling and nodding will give you honest, constructive criticism — and then give you amazing options that help you move ahead. The ACE Collaboration Assistance tool will also help songwriters and musicians find each other based on musical style, skill level, and availability. The goal is to get you where you want to go faster, always preserving what makes your art your own.

The announcement comes after Billboard broke the news that Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioShake, was named to Octiive’s advisory board, joining recent additions Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer of SoundCloud and former CPO at CNN, and Rowly Bourne, Head of UK and Ireland Venture Capital & Partnerships for Meta.

Octiive has long served independent artists with reach and services only major labels usually offer — including getting access to the largest network of platforms including Tencent in China, Apple, Spotify, Google Play, TikTok, and over 600 other major retailers. Terms provide the highest royalty percentage in the industry with no hidden fees. Now Octiive sees the urgency in making sure AI isn’t used to attempt to replace artists and musicians altogether.

“You’ve written lyrics to a devastating love song, and worked out a killer chord progression on guitar. Now what?” said Javan. “With ACE by Octiive, you’ll be able to imagine and create entire alternate soundscapes in order to decide where you want your song to go. It’s like being able to make remixes of something you haven’t even made yet. What kind of synth or choral backing do you want? Should you speed it up, add effects? How about percussion or a full bass and drum rhythm section? Octiive FutureVersion users will be able to see 12 steps ahead and focus more of their time and energy on the actual creation.”

To do this, Octiive has brought two European digital music geniuses: New Chief Technical Strategist, Matthias Frey, a Chief Strategist at Sony as well as new VP of Artist Services, and Tobias Witt, who was previously European Artist Manager at Artist Alife Agency, and UMG and Warner Music’s German liaison. FutureVersion is expected to be in beta on Octiive in Q4 2023.

“It’s not enough anymore to be the best among our competitors in the space,” said Javan. “It’s time to really take a stand and build something that makes sure artists don’t get bulldozed by this massive tech change. We are going to make the generative AI revolution serve artists creatively and financially — rather than just being another way Big Music can milk them for their own profit.”