Octiive Goes Back to Artist-Founded Roots


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May 24, 2023

Aliso Viejo, CA (May 24, 2023): Octiive, the largest digital music distributor and creativity hub run by musicians, for musicians, has announced a top-to-bottom reorganization intended to deliver on the platform’s original promise: innovative music distribution developed by artists. 

“In an industry born in reaction to the rapid changes in digital music, pretty much every company claimed to be disrupting the old music industry,” says Mershad Javan, who returns as Octiive’s CEO after two years in the European startup scene. “In the end, they all sold out or merged and became what they claimed they were working against. Octiive never strayed from its path, but it’s time to renew our efforts to give artists the best services in the industry, a truly major label experience.”

Octiive is set to unveil an impressive suite of new features and services in the coming months, focusing on AI solutions that cater to marketing, artist promotions, and songwriting assistance. The primary goal is to empower artists and bring out their utmost potential. Rather than replacing musicians, Octiive firmly believes in providing valuable assistance through AI technology.

Acknowledging the ease of music distribution in today's landscape, Octiive recognizes a concerning trend of compromising quality and taking shortcuts when it comes to songs. Octiive aims to address this issue head-on by offering innovative solutions that help artists overcome writer's block in ways that are truly unique and groundbreaking.

Javan returns to join the team with new VP of Artist Services, Tobias Witt, who was previously European Artist Manager at Artist Alife Agency and UMG and Warner Music’s German liaison, along with Matthias Frey joining as our Chief Strategist, bringing with him extensive experience in the same role at Sony.

This expansion showcases Octiive's dedication to strengthening its presence in Europe, allowing for a broader reach and enhanced industry positioning.

New Advisory Board members appointed include Rohit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer of SoundCloud and former CPO at CNN, and Rowly Bourne, Head of UK and Ireland Venture Capital & Partnerships for Meta.

Octiive continues to lead all competitors in paying artists the highest royalty percentage and getting access to the largest network of platforms including Tencent in China, Apple, Spotify, Google Play, TikTok, and over 600 other major retailers. As always, the first single is free. 

Plans and pricing for existing Octiive members are not affected. 

For more information, contact: Owen@thoughtgangmedia.com 


Octiive (formerly MondoTunes) is one of the world’s largest digital music distribution service platforms, supporting thousands of artists and labels worldwide including well-known names such as Chaka Khan, Master P, and Chief Keef. Since its inception, Octiive has earned its members millions of dollars in royalties, offering artists a hybrid pricing model flexible to their unique needs and interests.

Octiive’s core service offering provides the easiest way to get your music heard on more than 600 online stores including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal. Blending both a streamlined and personalized approach to helping artists build their careers, Octiive brings the best value in the market today. Octiive enabled artists to upload as much music as they want in just a few simple clicks, keep 100% rights and royalties to provide them with more revenue-generating opportunities, and stay up-to-date on earnings and projected sales across the Octiive network with transparent, detailed reports and analytics delivered straight to artists’ personal dashboards.

Octiive also offers an array of value-added services and products including marketing and promotions, mastering, video distribution, chart eligibility, and playlisting to provide a one-stop outlet for all distribution needs.  Founded in 2018 by Mershad Javan and located in Orange County, Calif., Octiive is giving control back to artists by allowing you to sell and stream your music, your way.