Now Exclusively Available On Beatport: Doobious x Sweap - Sin Pero

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Tobias Witt
June 22, 2024

Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Doobious and Sweap present their latest release, "Sin Pero." This Afro House track is a pulsating blend of energetic soundscapes, designed to fill your soul with the powerful beats of the drums, the warmth of its melodies, and vibrant rhythms. Let the captivating essence of "Sin Pero" immerse you in a dynamic musical journey, showcasing the duo's signature style and the rich cultural influences that inspire their music. This release is a collaboration between Octiive’s own label Sky Sound and the German label Ching Zeng.

Doobious x Sweap - Sin Pero (SKY005)
2024 Sky Sound, Octiive, Ching Zeng

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