JD Escobar Releases New Single "Smoke Disjoint"

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June 4, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of JD Escobar's latest single, "Smoke Disjoint," now available on all streaming platforms. JD Escobar is a bit of a late bloomer in the music world, driven by a pure love for music and the piano. His journey in music has been one of improvisation and exploration, crafting a unique voice that resonates deeply with listeners.

For years, JD grappled with feelings that his musical expressions were either too abstract or not unique enough. Today, he embraces his releases as a personal journal, a way to revisit and rediscover the moments and emotions that shaped him.

JD’s music draws from a wide range of influences, including the lyrical jazz of Gerald Clayton, the impressionistic brilliance of Maurice Ravel, and the emotive scores of Nobuo Uematsu. This diverse inspiration is evident in his playing, which spans from the most tender and delicate touches to moments of raucous bravura.

His debut album, "Running from the Future," is a profound contemplation of his place within an increasingly chaotic society. Through his music, JD hopes to contribute to the collective stream of thought and feeling, merging with the great river of time and carrying listeners into the future.

"Smoke Disjoint" is a testament to JD Escobar’s evolving artistry and his continuous quest for musical expression. Be sure to check out this evocative new single and experience the latest chapter in JD’s musical journey.

Listen to "Smoke Disjoint" now on all major streaming platforms!

Stay tuned for more updates and music from JD Escobar!