How to Get Your Music on TikTok


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

December 10, 2021

How to get your music on TikTok isn't too complicated. We should be able to explain it all in a page or so. But first, let's talk about why today's music artists need to get on TikTok, right? Right. Let's go.

Get Your Music on TikTok and Go Global

Get your songs on TikTok because as of Q4 2021, it has over a BILLION users. That's a thousand millions for you non-math people. It's the seventh most-used social media platform as of Jan 2021 and rising. So yeah, you should also get your music on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (we have how-tos on those too, here, here, and here).

But there's one massive reason you need to get your music on TikTok before getting it on those other platforms:


As my associates at Octiive Indie Music Distribution say on their website,

"TikTok’s Spotlight program makes viral artists overnight with partnerships to 21 leading record labels and publishers in Japan and Korea, as well as 26 top Japanese and Korean producers, and it’s a matter of time before American TikTok joins in.
Scores of artists have already found fame through TikTok, such as Ambjaay, Y2K and bbno$, Lizzo, and of course, Lil Nas X, whose “Old Town Road” ran away with two Grammy Awards in 2019. One user makes a video, another spreads the sound, and the rest is history."

But what about the other sites? Read on to see why getting your music on TikTok is so crucial.

Get Your Music on TikTok so People Can Dance

Getting your music on TikTok as opposed to, say, Facebook, is crucial because as of now, you can't share music as a primary post on FB. The best you can do is put it on YouTube, then put a link to that in your post. That leads fans away from your page! Don't do that! You're lucky you got them! Don't send them off!

Also, TikTok *started* as a music media site. See, first there was this lip-sync website called That was pretty popular. Then TikTok started about a year later as an "online video sharing social networking service" which let "people create short music and lip-sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds."

That's not what Facebook and Instagram are for.

Music is what TikTok is for.

You wanna get your songs out to the world? TikTok is the place to do it.

Problem is, you can't just upload your music to TikTok anymore. Why? Because if you do, you're going to get popped for copyright infringement even though it's your own song.

As music distro pros Octiive say,

"As of 2019, users can no longer upload their own music to TikTok for use in their videos. That’s because TikTok doesn’t want to host an open mic. It wants success-minded music artists with real, professional distribution like you!"

So let's talk about how to get it on there properly.

How to Get Music on TikTok: Cheap, Good Music Distribution

Want to know how to get music on TikTok? Simple. You use cheap, good music distribution. Luckily, I know just the people for the job.

Octiive writes,

"All it takes is one explosive song and the right video match to go boom.

And they're right. That's part of the reason why they've made distributing a music release easy, affordable, and subscription-free.

What you do is go to their website ( ofc) and make an account. Then you read all of the posts on their official blog! (Just kidding. No but really, you should).

Once you have an account you'll be able to select one of their packages.

Octiive's prices are dirt-cheap. You can drop a single for less than ten bucks. A whole album is less than twenty. Either choice will get your music on TikTok, allowing users to look you up by name and use your music in their videos! And any one of those videos could go viral!

Is there any advice for how to help a TikTok vid blow up?

Totally. And we'll cover that next time, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, and hope we continue to help!