Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists: Unlocking Opportunities for Aspiring Musicians

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Octiive Support
May 6, 2023

For aspiring musicians, getting their music featured on Spotify playlists can be a game-changer, offering exposure, new listeners, and a chance to expand their fanbase. In this blog post, we explore three platforms that provide opportunities to connect with independent playlist curators and increase your chances of getting noticed on Spotify.


This London-based independent record label and music platform, offers a gateway to Spotify playlist features. On their website, you'll find a diverse range of playlists curated by the label itself, as well as playlists created by independent curators. By submitting your music to Soundplate, you open doors to potential playlist placements and exposure to a broader audience. Explore the possibilities at

Daily Playlists

This platform is designed around Spotify, providing a space where users can submit their music directly to independent playlist curators. By leveraging this platform, you gain access to a network of curators actively seeking fresh and exciting tracks to showcase. Submitting your music through Daily Playlists increases your chances of catching the attention of influential curators and landing coveted spots on their playlists. Discover more at


A powerful tool which allows you to pitch your music to thousands of Spotify playlist curators, offering a targeted approach to reach your ideal audience. With this platform, you can increase your streams and grow your fanbase organically. Playlistmap provides a valuable opportunity to expand your reach on Spotify by connecting with curators who are actively seeking new music. Unleash the potential of your tracks by visiting

If you're an aspiring musician yearning for exposure and a chance to reach new listeners, don't overlook the power of Spotify playlists. These three platforms—Soundplate, Daily Playlists, and Playlistmap—open doors to connect with independent curators and increase your chances of getting your music featured. Embrace these opportunities, submit your tracks, and unlock the potential for growth and recognition in the dynamic world of music streaming.