Do Remember!: The Golden Era of NYC Hip-Hop Mixtapes

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October 11, 2023

Do Remember!: The Golden Era of NYC Hip-Hop Mixtapes

Authors: Evan Auerbach and Daniel Isenberg

The beat of hip-hop's heart in New York City reverberates through the pages of "Do Remember!: The Golden Era of NYC Hip-Hop Mixtapes." Evan Auerbach and Daniel Isenberg have crafted an ode to the bygone era of hip-hop mixtape culture in the Big Apple, a compelling dive into a time when the streets pulsated with the rhythm of creativity, competition, and pure love for the art form.

The mixtape culture of the late '80s, '90s, and early 2000s was nothing short of revolutionary, and this book encapsulates it all with a wealth of interviews, vintage visuals, and anecdotes that transport you to the vibrant streets and bustling clubs of New York City. From the hustle of street corners to the strategy sessions in corner offices, the mixtape was the lifeblood of the city's hip-hop scene.

One of the most striking features of "Do Remember!" is its fusion of oral and pictorial histories. The extensive collection of rare mixtape cover art, long-forgotten images, and vintage tracklists immerses readers in the palpable energy of the time. The visual journey through these mixtape artifacts adds a visceral element to the experience, making you feel as if you're flipping through a treasure trove of hip-hop history.

The authors have skillfully woven together the voices of legendary DJs, artists, and influencers who shaped this golden era, offering exclusive interviews with luminaries like Kid Capri, Mister Cee, and DJ Kay Slay, among many others. These voices provide a personal touch to the narrative, giving readers an intimate glimpse into the world of hip-hop mixtapes.

Evan Auerbach, a renowned hip-hop historian, and Daniel Isenberg, an accomplished hip-hop journalist, combine their expertise to paint a vivid picture of this pivotal time in hip-hop culture. Auerbach's deep knowledge and archival prowess are evident in the way he curates and presents this rich tapestry of memories, while Isenberg's journalistic finesse ensures a narrative that flows seamlessly, making it an engaging and enlightening read.

The book also pays homage to the DJs who were the unsung heroes of the mixtape movement, showcasing their skills and creativity that had a significant impact on the industry. It's a nod to the beatmakers, the selectors, and the mixmasters who were the true tastemakers of their time.

In "Do Remember!", we not only witness the history but understand how it shaped the future. The New York City hip-hop culture from this era laid the foundation for generations of artists, DJs, and music lovers worldwide. It was a global phenomenon, and this book captures its essence beautifully.

A special mention goes to the foreword by Fab 5 Freddy, adding a layer of authenticity and an extra layer of nostalgia to the book.

In a landscape dominated by fleeting trends, "Do Remember!" is a refreshing reminder of the enduring influence of the golden era of NYC hip-hop mixtapes. It's a treasure trove for hip-hop enthusiasts and a valuable resource for those who want to understand the roots of this genre. The book's visual and narrative richness, combined with its historical significance, make it an essential addition to the library of anyone who cherishes the culture and history of hip-hop.

"Do Remember!: The Golden Era of NYC Hip-Hop Mixtapes" isn't just a book; it's a time machine that transports you to the heart of a cultural revolution. Evan Auerbach and Daniel Isenberg have done a remarkable job of preserving and celebrating this pivotal era, ensuring that it will be remembered for generations to come.