Artists Can Make Money on Facebook a Whole New Way


Sean McCauley

| Posted:

November 12, 2021

Artists can make money on Facebook lots of ways. Some are more obvious than others, and many have already been covered, such as here, and here.

But the times, they are a-changin' (as Bob Dylan said), and social media is quietly but surely becoming less about Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and TikTok and more about the "metaverse." In the meantime, the Zuck is trying to make Facebook the most profitable social media option for artists and businesspersons online right now.

Let's have a look at what that means late in 2021.

The metaverse is just an infant, but its potential is MASSIVE.

Make Money on Facebook as an Artist with Groups in New Ways

Make money on Facebook as an artist today using their Groups in totally new ways. Since Zuck wants to make his metaverse thing more of a household name, he needs to fund that investment with Facebook. That means getting users to use more Facebook. That means using it in new ways, and the newest of them includes options in the Facebook Groups area.

Facebook Groups should already be a thing musicians and other artists use as advised in tutorials like this one over here. Now, though, artists have three new options in Groups which are pretty big game changers:

  • Community fundraisers
  • E-commerce shops
  • Subscription fees for special subgroups

None of these takes especially long to explain, but we'll give you ideas for how to start this up, too. Even if you think the above are self-explanatory, you'll benefit from continuing on below.

Facebook — ahem! — Meta, is ready to help artists make money in totally new ways.

Make Money on Facebook as an Artist with Community Fundraising

Artists can make money on Facebook now using a new "community fundraising" option in their Facebook Group. So you've got your artist profile on Facebook, which is a business "page," right? because FB doesn't allow individuals to have more than one personal Facebook account. (Be careful about ignoring this part of FB's EULA contract. If they catch you with two accounts, they may delete one of them without bothering to ask which you'd prefer to keep).

You should also have a Facebook Group for fans — you know, a fan club. We won't go into what that should look like because it's very straightforward and very much like the rest of the advice already given here.

Once you have your group, you can make fun and creative fundraisers to raise money for all sorts of things you want to do. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make money to record an EP through live-streamed events
  • Use Facebook Groups fundraisers to get cash for touring
  • Have a fundraiser for charity with your own live performances

The touring concept is one of our favorites because you can have fans in your area compete to raise the most money so you can travel to their town to play for them. This doesn't have to be a lot of money, either, because as we pointed out in our piece on touring a few years ago, you can probably crash on a fan's living room floor, play in a fan's backyard or garage, and generally not have to pay for much more than gasoline and time.

Never underestimate the marketing power of touring your live shows. Live streams online are fantastic, but fans who see you in-person will never forget you, and they talk around their town a lot more.

Facebook Groups has always been useful to artists, but never so much as right now.

Make Money on Facebook as an Artist with e-Commerce Shops

Musicians and others can make money on Facebook with e-commerce shops, now. There's not much to this, really. It just means you can hook your merchandise up to your Facebook Groups directly, rather than having to direct fans out of Facebook to an official website. (You do have an official website, right? Good).

Big bonus for starting early, though: you won't need to pay any fee at all to sell your stuff on Facebook until June 2022, so get started now and offer your fans a little discount for getting in early!

Make Money on FB with Subscription Fees

This is probably the biggest moneymaker, but it's the biggest commitment, too. These new changes to Facebook mean you can go into your FB Group and set up a subscription model for a subgroup.

"What's a subgroup?" Right, so that will be a smaller group or groups within your group members will need to pay for. Inside those smaller groups you give fans access to things not available to non-subscribers. What sort of things can you give in exchange for subscriptions? That will depend on the size of your fan base, but can include:

  • Limited-edition merchandise
  • Early access to new recordings
  • Personalized photos or merch
  • Special live-streamed performances
  • Interviews on Twitch or Discord
  • Subscriber-only recordings

Of course if your fans will pay for it, you can charge for it, so this list was just off the top of our heads. Get creative! Your fans love you and want more of you, so don't be ashamed to get paid for giving yourself to them.

Artists Can Make Money on Facebook and Meta Like Never Before

So in case we weren't clear, artists can make money on Facebook and Meta and the rising metaverse more today than ever. There's no reason musicians today should be left behind unless they just don't have the time. Hopefully we've helped you get closer to working it out yourself!

Happy creating! And happy socializing.