Artist Spotlight: TAYRI

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Tobias Witt
July 7, 2024

Meet Omri Tayri, professionally known as TAYRI, an accomplished Tribal House Producer, Drummer, and Songwriter making waves in the music industry. TAYRI's recent releases have gained significant recognition, earning him signings with prestigious labels such as Armada Music, Soave Records, 2-Dutch Records, Hysterical By Ego, and Tropical House Records.

Growing up in Shoham, Israel, TAYRI discovered his passion for music early on. He began DJing and playing the drums at the age of 12. By 15, he had formed his first rock band, dedicating three years to perfecting his drumming skills. At 18, TAYRI took a brief hiatus from music to serve in the Israeli Combat Engineering Corps, where he spent four years, eventually rising to the rank of Lieutenant Company Commander.

Upon completing his military service, TAYRI decided to fully immerse himself in the world of music. He enrolled in BPM College, spending three years refining his craft and expanding his expertise. During his time as a student, TAYRI worked on numerous projects for the entertainment industry, both within Israel and internationally. He composed jingles for commercials, created music for apps, movies, and theater shows, and developed TV formats for various channels.

With a unique blend of experience and talent, TAYRI continues to push the boundaries of Tribal House music, captivating audiences worldwide with his innovative sound and compelling rhythms. Keep an eye on TAYRI as he continues to rise in the music scene.

Check out his latest release 'Pa-Pam Pa-Pam,' a tech house banger produced in collaboration with Bla-De.

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