Music Video Creation

Octiive has partnered with the team at Rotor to make music video creation made easy for musicians. Fast and simple ways to create music videos, promo videos and lyrics videos.

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Octiive x Rotor Music Video Creation

Create an engaging video for your music in minutes– Rotor’s flexible video creation software tailors videos to any genre of music. Best of all you can try it for free and be watching your video in no time.

Hear the Difference

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After Mastering
Hip Hop
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Alternative Rock
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Take Advantage of the YouTube Audience

More music is streamed on YouTube each month than all other streaming services combined– meet your audience where they are with custom music, lyric, and promotional videos.

HD Quality Video for Just $25

You don’t need to pay someone thousands to produce your videos– take control of the process and make your own stand out videos for a fraction of the cost.

Best of all, you can try as many times as you like until you're happy with the result.

Unlimited Licensing

Once you've bought your video, it's yours to do with as you please. Share it wherever you like– we don't keep any rights to your creations, so get started crafting your next video today!

Why Choose Octiive

Make More Money

Keep 100% royalties and pay less for unlimited song distribution.

Get More Reach

Sell your music online via 600+ stores and get press coverage.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of various plans & bundles for a suite of services.

No Hidden Costs

No cancellation, per region or per store fees included.

Free Codes

UPC and ISRC codes included with every release.


Features on curated playlists to expand your audience.


Pre-release and promotional tools available for stores.

Chart Registration

Chart eligible and registered releases for mass exposure.