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Be Heard Around the World with Google Play

Google Play brings much more to the table than just 35 million-plus songs. Listeners who want the best value for their money go to Google Play.  That’s because Google Play isn’t just Google Play. Every Google Play subscription also includes subscriptions to YouTube Premium and, starting in 2019, YouTube Music, too. That means you get access to 35+ million tracks and never have to sit through a YouTube commercial again. That’s a lot of music and videos for a single subscription.

Google Play also lets listeners upload 50,000 songs from their own music library to the cloud, so those tracks can be heard anywhere, anytime for free. Users can then take these tracks and curate and share their own playlists. And in addition to all this music, Google Play features entire radio stations personalized just for you — even without a subscription — based on your current mood, activity, or both.

By offering all the above and more, Google Play can sell your original songs to more people in many ways the competition can’t match.

How Google Play Sells Your Songs

As one of the easiest, most widely available and most user-friendly music apps, Google Play makes your music more accessible, more easy to find, and simpler to include in a playlist than ever. And as TicketFly said in April, 2018:

“Inclusion in a popular playlist is all it takes to make a one-hit wonder, and this rise gives you more opportunities to appeal to a broader variety of music fans.”

That means you don’t even need to have a whole album ready to make it big. With one great track and a little help from Google Play, you can start at the top of the charts and work your way to the stars. The sky’s the limit.

How Many People Listen to Google Play?

According to Billboard Magazine, more than 7 million music fans subscribe to Google Play.  As of 2018, more Android phones are sold annually than iPhones, with a whopping 54 million sold compared to Apple’s 41.

And every one of those phones comes pre-packaged with the Google Play app ready to go.  Google Play subscribers can also opt for their highly affordable family package, which lets up to 5 people share a library across as many as 10 different devices. With all the value that delivers, it’s easy to see why so many music fans choose Google Play both at home and on-the-go.

But the most exciting thing of all may be Google’s introduction of YouTube Music in 2019, which will bring your music to even more people with the best features of Google Play in ways only the future can tell. So the question isn’t really if musicians should upload their tracks to Google Play, but rather: how can they afford not to?

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