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Music fans have made it very clear; Video is everything. A visual statement is one of the most important impressions you can make on an audience. Team up with us and get it in front of the masses while benefiting from top-tier royalty rates.

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Make an Impact While Earning More Money

Have a great video? Let us handle the distribution and reach more fans! Retailers are making it ever so difficult for independent artists to post music videos online. We’re in your corner, and can publish your content easily without any monthly or annual fees.

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Why Not Just Post to My Own YouTube Channel?

Our services delivers your video to VEVO, which means that our artists can reap the benefits of some of the highest royalty rates in the business!  On average, VEVO boasts 2 to 3 times more money per stream over standard YouTube rates.  This means greater exposure and greater earnings!

Can I Make My Video Available for Purchase?

Video distribution with Octiive also means your content will be delivered to iTunes. Apple iTunes still continues to be a major player in the downloads arena worldwide. You’ll earn money for every copy sold!

Why Choose Octiive

Make More Money

Keep 100% royalties and pay less for unlimited song distribution.

Get More Reach

Sell your music online via 600+ stores and get press coverage.

Build Your Career

Take advantage of various plans & bundles for a suite of services.

No Hidden Costs

No cancellation, per region or per store fees included.

Free Codes

UPC and ISRC codes included with every release.


Features on curated playlists to expand your audience.


Pre-release and promotional tools available for stores.

Chart Registration

Chart eligible and registered releases for mass exposure.